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Stylish Pendants for Teens Ideal For Small Parties, School Events, Friend’s Birthdays



Metal: Stainless Steel

Stone Quality: American Stone

Polish: Stainless Steel

Package includes:
Pendants, Box and Velvet Pouch


2 Pendants (Group 1 to Group 4)
4 Pendants (Group 5 to Group 8)
Select your favorite group

Estimated delivery date 2024/05/05


  • Our cool pendants have trendy designs that teens love.
  • Wear them to parties, school events, and birthdays to look great.
  • Made to last, these pendants are perfect for everyday wear.
  • Stand out with our awesome pendants that make your outfit look cool.
  • They’re a great gift for you or your friends on any occasion.

Teen-Pendant PEARL CHOKER NECKLACE Teen-Pendant Teen-Pendant

Pendant with Chain Colors

Group 1 Ruby + Purple, Group 2 Baby Pink + Yellow Green, Group 3 White + Ruby, Group 4 Baby Pink + Purple, Group 5 Ruby + Purple + Baby Pink + White, Group 6 Yellow Green + White + Purple + ruby, Group 7 Baby Pink + Ruby + White + Yellow Green, Group 8 Purple + White + Baby Pink + Yellow Green

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Feroze Shafi Malik

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Feroze Shafi Malik

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.


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